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So you want to join the exciting sport of mounted games? You can check our events calendar to find competitions or clinics, or contact us to organise an event in your area. You can also download our current rulebook for a more detailed explanation of how to play all of the races.

Mounted Games is enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. MGA QLD offers the following divisions:
Under 12s
Under 15s
Under 18s
Open (any age)
Over 25s
Group Green

Mounted Games are a series of very fast races, exciting for participants and spectators alike, performed by  people on ponies. They require a high degree of athletic ability, good riding skills, hand-to-eye coordination, general determination to see things through to the end no matter what, and a competitive spirit which nevertheless requires an ability to work together with other riders and to be willing to help one another.

The Mounted Games community is a large family! As such, there is healthy good-natured rivalry on the field of play, but great cooperation between players off the field regarding matters of the games as well as those of personal relationships and logistics.

Mounted Games were the inspiration of H.R.H. Prince Philip. When Col. Sir Mike Ansell was Director of the Horse of the Year Show, Prince Philip asked if he could devise a competition for children who could not afford an expensive, well-bred pony, and in 1957 the Horse of the Year Show, then at Harringay Arena, staged the first Mounted Games Championship for the Prince Philip Cup – it was an immediate box office success.

The Mounted Games Association of Great Britain was founded by Norman Patrick on January 21st 1984 (his birthday) and since that time the sport of Mounted Games has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to his drive and enthusiasm, and financial support, International Mounted Games now has members all over the world.


The Riders

Riders range in age from youngsters of only 3 years to the die-hards in their 60′s. At different levels the sport can be enjoyed by competitors of all age groups and all levels of ability. The only limits are those imposed by competition organisers to ensure that each event has participants of roughly equal abilities. It remains, however, a sport for young people because of the athletic ability and agility required.

The Ponies

As with all sports, Mounted Games can and are played at many levels of ability, and although top players and teams now prefer particular types of ponies, any child or youngster with any pony, whatever its breeding, can get started and have a lot of fun doing so.

Any pony will learn the tricks of the trade quite quickly, and many really good Mounted Games ponies are at times ”rejects” from other branches of equestrian sport. In order for these ponies to succeed, however, the rider must be an experienced games rider and be able to teach the pony exactly what is required.

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MGA QLD is a branch of the Australian Mounted Games Association.